Pastor Terry Jones to burn effigy of Muslim burning effigy of Terry Jones

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US Pastor Terry Jones has announced his intention to burn an effigy of a radical Muslim burning an effigy of US Pastor Terry Jones.

The move comes after Pastor Jones announced his intention to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks carried out by terrorists that happened to be radicalised Muslims.

A spokesperson for Jones explained, “Religion is all about acceptance and tolerance, but when you don’t agree with something you set fire to it.  Everyone knows that.”

“Whilst it’s true that we haven’t received any direct message from God indicating that we should burn copies of the Koran, we haven’t received any messages saying that we shouldn’t, which I think is a powerful message in itself.”

“If you can think of a better way of spreading God’s message of love and tolerance, that doesn’t involve pouring petrol on something you don’t agree with and setting fire to it, then I’d sure like to hear it.”

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Pastor Jones

As news broke in Afghanistan of Jones’ intention, Islamic fundamentalists announced their intention to burn effigies of Jones burning an effigy of a Muslim burning an effigy of Jones.

Al Qaeda issued a statement through Al Jazeera saying, “This proves that the Western infidels know nothing of expressing their disgust by dancing around a flaming effigy.”

“We will show them what real effigy burning is all about.”

Religious commentators are already suggesting the latest escalation could result in a never ending circle of effigy-burning that will destroy the papier mache business.

Meanwhile Greenpeace have urged Pastor Jones that rather and burning them, he should try recycling of any copies of the Koran that he has acquired.

“There is no need to turn the wildly misinterpreted words of someone who probably didn’t exist into flames. They should be turned into the next novel about vampire angst.”