Study finds a Frenchman apparently doing some work

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France has stunned the global economy after a new study found there are a few dozen French people still happy to go to work and do the job for which they paid.

The investigation followed rumours of productive work taking place in remote communities near the Spanish border and a reported workman in the Alpine region near Grenoble.

Lead researcher Damien Williams said, “For a long time it seemed as though our research would confirm everyone’s impression that France is full of work-shy slackers who’ll do anything to avoid a decent days work.”

“But then we came across Francois, a plumber from Paris who seemed to take joy from getting his hands dirty in return for a reasonable day’s pay.  It was extraordinary.  He’s like an entirely new species.”

“We’re rewriting the rules here.  He’s up before lunch, has manners, and appears to enjoy his job immensely.  As soon as the DNA tests comeback to prove he is in fact French, we’ll be publishing our findings.”

French Strike

The news has caused uproar in France, with many planning to strike from their strike in protest against the slur on the nation’s previously impeccable record of indolence.

One man refusing to do any work told us, “This rumoured work ethic is a disease, and tarnishes the reputation of every work-shy strike-happy Frenchman in our once fine nation.”

“We will seek him out and put a stop to this as soon as we can find some to do the searching for us.  Maybe someone Polish.”