Obama hails end to Iraqi combat operations, what do you think?

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President Obama has hailed the end of US combat operations in Iraq, saying the US has paid a “a huge price” to “put Iraq’s future in its people’s hands”.

In a speech delivered in a rare Oval Office address, he said, “Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country,”

He added that the US would continue to support Iraq’s government and people.

We sent our reporters out onto the street to find out what you thought about the US bringing to and end to combat operations in Iraq, which have been ongoing for over seven years.

Woman on the Street“I think it’s lovely.  It’s about time that ordinary Iraqis took control of accidentally killing their own civilians.”

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Emily Howard, Worker

Man on the Street“Bad move.  I bet this is what Saddam has been waiting for all this time.  You just watch.”

Rich Downing, Historian

Man on the Street“What, they’re leaving today? Surely Iraq can’t be completely out of oil already?”

Dave Lasota, Oil trader

Woman on the Street“That’s all well and good, but when are they going to give us permission to leave too?”

Gerty Abrahams, Military strategist

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