Half of Britons don’t realise the fireball in the sky is hot, finds survey

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A survey carried out by Cancer Research UK has revealed that nearly half of Britons got sunburnt this summer, with four in every 10 people saying they had not realised the massive ball of fire in the sky would be strong enough to burn their pasty English flesh.

Ed Yong of Cancer Research UK, said the results show that people are unaware that the sun is essentially made of fire, which is hot, and that the heat from a hot thing can in fact burn.

“The people that we spoke to seemed blissfully unaware that the sun is actually a star at the centre of the solar system that has a surface temperature of approximately 5,505 °C.”

“They seemed to think it was a sort of light bulb that got switched off at night time so that it didn’t keep them awake.”


The lack of knowledge shown by half of the entire population is of great concern to sun cream manufacturers who have not yet found a way of getting you to spend eight pounds to save yourself from skin cancer.

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A manufacturer explained, “The only thing worse than you lot getting skin cancer, is us having to take a cut to our profit margins – so just bloody buy some sun cream already.”

Despite widespread information relating to the dangers of sun exposure many Britons are only too happy to strip off and leave themselves at the mercy of an immense fireball that is 109 times the size of Earth.

“It was the sun? Really?!” gasped one surprised sun worshipper.

“I was sat on the beach watching my skin go red and blister and I started to wonder what was causing it. I had to go to hospital to get it looked at, which was a shame because it was a lovely day.”

“Hang on. So where do the stars go to during the daytime then?” he concluded.

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