Survey finds public wants cold-callers banned, what do you think?

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Three-quarters of people want cold calling to be banned, according to a consumer survey which phoned people up at home to find out their opinion.

Which? magazine’s telecoms expert Ceri Stanaway said: “Cold calls are at best a nuisance and at worst an intimidating intrusion into our lives.”

“Three-quarters of the people we asked said they’d like the practice to be banned outright.”

We sent out reporters out on to the street to interrupt people in person, and to ask what they thought about having their day interrupted over the phone.

Woman on the Street“I don’t mind them, as they’re pretty much the only calls I ever get.  I like to chat to the nice man whilst he convinces me I need insurance for the Sky satellite system I don’t have.”

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Rachael Dawes, Spinster

Man on the Street“I love being cold-called. I’ve set up a £2-a-minute premium line as my home number so I’m perfectly happy to be sold to by a complete stranger sat in another continent for £120 an hour.”

Richard Batley,  Accountant

Man on the Street“Cold calling is a valuable public service.  How else in this day and age would the general public possibly find out about, or search for, a product or service they might need, eh?”

Stan Blackie, Consumer

Woman on the Street“They don’t bother me.  I got in there first and called every company in the world to tell them I didn’t need anything.”

Jane Horsler, Grandmother

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