Cat in a bin woman worse than Hitler, claim utter lunatics

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A midlands woman who put a cat in a bin has been branded ‘worse than Hitler’ by a growing number of lunatics with access to a computer and the ability to browse the Internet.

The woman, who was caught on a CCTV camera stroking the cat before picking it up and putting it in a wheelie bin, has been the subject of Facebook hate groups, twitter abuse and venomous blog posts by thousands of people with little more than a tenuous grasp of what it means to be a civilised society.

As one non-lunatic put it, “Let’s be clear, all she did was put a cat in a bin. Not nice, but nobody died.  Yes, it would have been much better if she didn’t put the cat in the bin, but setting fire to her in the street is not really called for, is it?”

“It’s not like she orchestrated the systematic cover-up of decades of child abuse in a religious organisation, or sent hundreds of young men to their deaths in an illegal war, is it? It’s a cat. In a bin.”

“Plus technically, putting a cat in a bin isn’t against the law – but don’t let that stop you calling for her to be housed in a wheelie bin on public display until the day she dies of malnutrition.”

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“This entire episode has been a sobering lesson for us all, so next time you want to put a cat in a bin, please make sure there aren’t any cameras about.”

Cat in a bin

The ‘find the woman who put a cat in a bin’ Facebook group has seen outpourings of cat-loving emotion from the sort of people that cry at Eastenders and shout at actors in the street just because they once played a baddie on television.

One poster wrote, “I protested against that woman being stoned to death in Iran for being an adulteress, sure, but this woman put a cat in a bin and so she deserves to have her hands chopped off and the words ‘I put a cat in a bin’ tattooed to her face as a permanent reminder that she put a cat in a bin.”

“It’s the only language people like her – the people who put cats in bins – understand.”

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