Nicolas Anelka announces 18 game International strike

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Footballer Nicolas Anelka has responded to the French Football Federation’s 18 game ban from the national team by announcing that he will actually be on strike for the next 18 national team matches.

The strike comes after Anelka accused the national footballing authorities of inadequately dealing with an incident in which former team manager Raymond Domenech “looked at him funny”.

Anelka told reporters, “They have disrespected Nicola Anelka, and as a result I will not play for the national team for the next eighteen matches.”

“I don’t care if they are friendlies, qualifiers, or Euro 2012 matches.  Nicolas Anelka will be at home playing Xbox and teaching you all a lesson.”

“Also, instead of talking about a ban, it would be extremely helpful if you could refer to me being on strike during those games.  Thanks.”

18 game ban

Anelka is not the only striking French international, with Franck Ribery and Patrice Evra announcing that they would also be striking for three and five games respectively.

Evra explained, “I am not as offended by the Football Federation as Anelka, so I felt a five game strike was sufficient.”

“Whereas Ribery felt only minor annoyance at their World Cup behaviour and so has limited his strike to just three games, including friendlies.”

The last word on the matter went to Anelka, who explained, “I am hoping they learn their lesson about respecting Nicola Anelka, but if they don’t, and it looks like I might not be selected again, I reserve the right to extend my strike indefinitely.”