BBC weatherman apologises for obscenely inaccurate forecast

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BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker has been forced to apologise after he was caught making an obscenely inaccurate weather forecast live on air during a BBC News channel broadcast.

In a broadcast seen by millions, he raised his fingers towards a green screen covered in different weather symbols before giving the impression that they accurately reflected what would happen to the UK climate in the proceeding 24 hour period.

His offensive ‘forecast’ was noticed by many viewers, who knew something was wrong the very moment they looked out of the nearest window.

One viewer said, “It was all going so well, they’d done the news, and then this weatherman came on – and I don’t know if he thought the camera was off or not – but he started talking about bright sunshine in the north-west.  I was shocked to be honest.”

“He then quickly tried to cover it up by talking about cloud in the Midlands, but it was too late, we’d all seen it.”

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BBC weatherman

One Manchester-based viewer told reporters, “I expect better from the BBC to be honest.  I saw the incident, and left my umbrella at home as a result.  Yes, I got absolutely pissed on.”

BBC News Channel presenter Simon McCoy acknowledged the mistake in the studio, and apologised to any viewers who might have been offended by the implied accuracy of the forecast, but for many the damage was already done.

A BBC spokesperson explained, “We would like to apologise to any viewers inconvenienced by our wildly inaccurate forecast which we inadvertently broadcast yesterday.”

“Once again, it was never our intention to imply we have any idea what the weather is doing, or is going to do, and we will endeavour to make that much clearer in future broadcasts.”