Australia to become republic when Queen dies, what do you think?

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Australia should become a republic when Queen Elizabeth II dies, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said just days ahead of the Australian general election.

Welsh-born Ms Gillard said the Queen’s death would be an “appropriate point” for Australia to move away from having a British monarch as head of state.

We sent our reporters out onto the street to find out what you thought about Australia becoming a republic the very moment the Queen dies.

Woman on the Street“Hang on, the Queen is dying?  But I’m sure David Icke said that the lizard people lived forever?”

Irene Waltham, Monarchist

Man on the Street“Oh great, just what the Australian republican movement needs, an incentive to go around killing monarchs.”

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David McDonald, Cricket Fan

Man on the Street“If they’re waiting till she’s dead, I’d imagine the Queen couldn’t give less of a shit to be honest.

Wayne Cobble, Anarchist

Woman on the Street“I feel sorry for Prince Charles, because when he visits Australia in future he’ll now be treated just like any other pasty Brit – with complete and utter disdain.”

Agnes O’Sullivan, Republican

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