Really fat people should be given hospice care, what do you think?

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Dr David Haslam, from the National Obesity Forum, has warned that the wrong overweight people are getting surgery and says some of those who are biggest should just be offered “palliative care” for their obesity.

According to the National Institute of health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), of the 1,010,000 severely and morbidly obese population in the UK, there are currently 230,000 people both eligible and willing to have surgery.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about forcing severely obese people to accept  hospice-style care instead of surgery.

Woman on the Street“It’s about time too. The sooner we get these people off the NHS waiting lists and free up valuable resources for essential procedures like my boob job, the better.”

Iris Elda, flat-chested

Man on the Street“Hang on. The NHS actually TREATS fat people?!”

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Ian Wilkins, Skinny man

Man on the Street“As long as that hospice has a KFC within waddling distance I really don’t see the problem.

Sean McCarthy, Pregnancy Fan

Woman on the Street“I realise my view is slightly tainted because I have several morbidly obese family members, but I think it’s a wonderful idea. Out of sight, out of mind.”

Dolores Holcomb, Grandmother

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