But are the Germans happy, ask striking BAA workers

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As Germany posted record economic growth figures of 2.2% for the last quarter, striking BAA workers said yes, that’s all well and good, but are the Germans really happy.

BAA have announced strike action as a response to the pay offer from BAA, in a move which will cripple the nation’s airports and leave increasingly wealthy Germans unable to visit our shores and throw a few pennies in our general direction.

One BAA worker said, “I really don’t care if the German economy is going from strength to strength on the back of excellent service and fantastic products.”

“If it’s a choice between adopting the ruthlessly efficient ways of the Germans, or going on strike and making myself, the company and our customers unhappy, then I think you know which it’s going to be.”

“As for a strike meaning we’d miss out on German tourist spending, well I don’t want their hard-earned efficiently-created money anyway.”

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BAA Strike

Should the BAA strike go ahead, it is likely to lead to misery for thousands of holiday makers forced to stay in this country.

One such person is Mike Howell of Basingstoke who said, “Generally speaking I think workers should be able to strike as much as they like.”

“Right up until the point it affects me personally, at which point I begin hoping they will suffer a painful demise at the hands of some genetic hybrid of a tiger and shark.”

“So go right ahead BAA, ruin my holiday.  But you better watch out for the Shigers.”

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