Don’t worry Steven, we’re definitely going to boo you, fans tell Gerrard

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England fans have moved to assure Steven Gerrard that his arrival on the Wembley pitch tonight will be greeted by a cacophony of boos, after he admitted he wasn’t entirely sure of the reception he and the team would receive.

Gerrard told reporters that he would ‘probably’ boo if he was a fan, suggesting there were doubts among the England team as to the welcome home he and the other players can expect from the Wembley crowd.

England fan Dave Williams told reporters, “Let me break it down for you.  I will be booing from the moment his tiny forehead appears from the tunnel, until his bowed face slopes off midway through the second half after handing the armband to yet another vastly overpaid disappointment.”

“The boos will be deep, they will be resonant, and they will carry the venom of a completely ruined summer behind them.  Is that clear enough for you?”

World cup exit

The match against Hungary represents the first opportunity for many fans to express their feelings towards the players who performed so miserably in South Africa.

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Another fan said, “I work for a German company, with a German boss, who loves just two things in this world.  Football, and making my life a misery.  So yes, there will be booing.”

However, despite the vast majority of fans planning to scream their displeasure for ninety minutes, at least one fan will sit quietly and try to enjoy the game.

Andy Warne of London said, “No, I won’t be booing.  I knew before we went to South Africa that we were rubbish, and nothing I saw there changed my view.”

“They were never good enough to win the World Cup, so booing them tonight would be like booing Stephen Hawking for losing an arm wrestle.”