Chris Evans loses 1m listeners after 1m listen to Chris Evans

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Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 breakfast show has lost just over one million listeners in the past three months, after just over one million listeners finally noticed they were actually listening to Chris Evans.

The latest Raja figures show that the Radio 2 breakfast show host has become a victim of what radio industry analysts are calling ‘who the hell is this that I am listening to?’ syndrome.

The syndrome is named after the phenomena noticed among radio listeners who reach for the off switch the very second they actually notice who is presenting the show they are ‘listening’ to.

As one former listener explained, “It’s normally early, and you get that strange feeling where you think you might still be dreaming.”

“Then of course you realise you’re actually listening to Chris Evans and immediately go in search of the remote control before having an extremely vigorous wash with lightly-diluted bleach.”

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Fans of Chris Evans have defended his show, claiming he is significantly less annoying than Chris Moyles, and marginally less caustic to the ears than Scott Mills.

One fan told us, “I’ve listened to Chris since his show started, and I am pretty sure he’s the least painful option on BBC breakfast radio.  Yeah, sorry, that’s about as much of a ringing endorsement as I’m willing to give.”

Evans defended the loss, explaining, “It’s a slight setback, yes, but as I’ve told the corporation, we’ll get those listeners back just as soon as they agree to broadcast me across all frequencies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

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