Lady Gaga has admitted using Cocaine, what do you think?

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Pop star Lady Gaga has admitted that she ‘occasionally’ uses Class A drug Cocaine, though insists she is not an addict.

In an interview with US magazine Vanity Fair, the singer divulged that she used the drug “maybe a couple of times a year”.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about the pop star and her nose candy habits.

Woman on the Street“I said it the first time I saw her on television, prancing around in a dog collar and cod piece – ‘that woman is completely off her tits on Class A narcotics.’  It does explain an awful lot.

Diedre Walliams, David’s Mum

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Man on the Street“Everyone is getting carried away over nothing.  Look, her using Cocaine a couple of times a year doesn’t make her a druggie, in the same way a couple of rapes a year doesn’t make me a rapist.”

Sean Michaels, Taxi Driver

Man on the Street“As a big fan of music in general, and obviously concerned for her ability to keep making her ‘songs’, I would sincerely ask that she limit her intake to no more than five or six grams of the good stuff a day.  Tops.

Pavel Cernktct, Fan

Woman on the Street“Such infrequent use is probably going to do her more good than harm.  Without my own little Heroin pick-me-up I’d be absolutely useless to anyone.”

Jane Mercow, Teacher

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