New Trafalgar maze significantly less confusing than Tube, say tourists

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A temporary maze installed in Trafalgar Square to encourage tourists to get ‘lost’ and discover new parts of London, is already significantly easier to navigate than the Tube network, claim tourists.

The maze, which has sections named after West End areas, is the brain child of the West End Partnership in order to show how good they are at growing foliage.

The maze has already proved popular among those lucky tourists who have emerged from the Tube network in roughly the area they thought they were.

As one tourist from the US explained to us, “It’s interesting, but the only difference between this maze and the Tube is that one is a series of dead ends and confusing options with little or no signage, and the other is made of bushes.”

West End

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As a miniature representation of London’s West End, the maze is already facing a few unexpected challenges not foreseen during construction.

The Soho area of the maze is already facing an application to build a sex club, with another of its many intersections now full of men in sandwich boards offering deals on cheap theatre tickets.

A spokesperson said, “This is a good thing, we want the maze to represent a true, authentic London experience, and having seen two pick pockets on their way in I think we’re getting pretty close to giving people just that.”

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