Arabian authorities approve new Blackberry ‘String’ device

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Following their move to disable email, the Internet and instant messaging among Blackberry users, Arabian authorities have been quick to approve the firms latest device communication device, the Blackberry String.

The Blackberry String has been created by the Canadian technology firm to meet the burgeoning need for a smart phone that allows people to stay in touch, whilst adhering to the strict rules of the gulf states.

The ‘String’, as it has already become known, is essentially a smart phone with all of the smart features removed, and replaced with a section to connect a length of cord which can then be connected to another similar device.

As a Blackberry spokesperson explained, “Anyone who has ever used two tin cans tied together with a cord already knows how to use the incredibly intuitive Blackberry String.”

“We have sourced the finest sound-conducting cords, and they are already available online from our new Arabian store. If you can find a computer with Internet access from which to order one.”

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Teething problems

There have been many reports of early adopters struggling with the technology, and as a result suffering poor call quality with their Blackberry String.

The spokesperson continued, “As with any new technology, there will be a small learning curve, but as soon as people learn to keep the string between the two devices nice and taut, I am sure these issues will settle down.”

“Operating range has been an issue for all mobile manufacturers, and I suppose we are no different in that respect, though in laboratory tests we have found the String performs excellently at distances of up to thirty feet.”

Arabian states are already hailing the Blackberry String as the perfect example of how western technology can be adapted for use in the ‘slightly stricter’ Middle-East.