Liverpool to fancy another buy-out shortly after Chinese take-over

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As news broke of an imminent Chinese take-over of Liverpool football club, Anfield insiders have suggested that they will almost certainly fancy another buy-out shortly after completing their Chinese deal.

Kenny Huang, head of Hong Kong-based investment company QSL Sports Ltd, wants to take full control of the team, who have been up for sale since April this year.

His spokesperson said, “We have been feeding the Liverpool representatives details of the take-over, and they have wolfed them down just as we’d hoped they would.”

Liverpool Chairman Martin Broughton told reporters, “We’re pretty close to finalising a deal, we’re almost finished, but I can already feel the rumblings which suggest another buy-out might be on the cards within a very short period of time.”

“That’s not to say we’re not enjoying this take over.  We are.  It’s just that for some reason I think we might be left slightly nauseous and a little unsatisfied.”

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Take Over

The take-over is expected to relieve the financial worries at the club, and leave them with a strong foundation to stake a claim for a place in next year’s Champions League.

However, some financial experts are predicting it may not all be plain sailing for the merseysiders.

City financier Rupert Waldorf explained, “I think we should see how everyone is feeling a few hours after the take-over is complete, before we hail it as a success.”

“That’s the thing about Chinese take-overs you see, they might feel great at the time, but they tend to leave you wanting another take-over almost as soon as you’ve finished the current one.”

Manager Roy Hodgson is said to be delighted at the prospect of a take-over, telling reporters, “I’m the manager you know. It’s a nice job, and the people here are lovely.  I’m the manager you know.”

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