Effigy makers welcome Cameron’s Pakistan terrorism comments

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Pakistan’s traditional effigy makers have given British Prime Minister David Cameron the thumbs up today, after his allegations that the country was actively promoting the export of terrorism saw a huge upsurge in sales.

With the streets of Karachi set to burn with prime-ministerial effigies, Cameron’s diplomatic stance could not have come at a better time for one of the cities most prominent mannequin makers, Qamar Mehmood.

“From the tribal districts to the intelligence agency headquarters, the orders are flooding in,” he told fellow artisans at an Islamabad business seminar.

“We’re clearly in a position to benefit while Cameron continues upsetting people who really, really like burning stuff.  Our straw and sacking suppliers can barely keep up with demand,” he revealed.

“I really can’t thank him enough.  It’s just like the halcyon days of Bush and Blair all over again.”


Shares in effigy manufacturers, which plummeted following the election of Barack Obama and the publication of Britain’s Afghanistan withdrawal timetable, have sky-rocketed over the weekend.

However cottage industry effigists like Mehmood remain cautious, despite the burgeoning market.

“This is only a short-term boom – all it takes is a behind-the-scenes apology and a multi-million dollar aid package for those suffering in the floods, and the orders could soon dry up.”

“What we really need is some good old-fashioned outrage against a NATO invasion of Iran, or something similar, you know, to really shake up the market.”

“Fingers crossed someone can persuade President Ahmadinejad to kidnap some more British sailors, stone a toddler, or maybe even nuke Israel or something, just to start the ball rolling.”