Queen barred from BNP garden party

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Reports are emerging that the Queen has been barred from this summer’s BNP Garden party after leader Nick Griffin accused her husband of using her invitation for ‘overtly monarchistic purposes’.

The BNP garden party is one of the hottest tickets around among the country’s white supremacists, but if reports are to be believed the Queen and her husband will not be welcome at this year’s event.

A BNP spokesman said of the garden party, “All are welcome, except anyone who is a darker than ‘Vanilla Mist 4’ on the Dulux Colour Wheel.  And the Queen.”

“It’ll be a traditional English summer event; rain, salmonella, fighting . The only difference will be that all the overt racism will be expressed in a slightly less eloquent manner than at most other English garden parties.”

“But we will not allow this event to be dominated by those wishing to raise the profile of the monarchy.  It would be unfair to other attendees.”

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The formal invitation to the Queen was withdrawn after her husband was found to be using his invite for promotional purposes among his peers.

The spokesperson continued, “This is a party to celebrate a lack of ethnic diversity in our community and to promote racial hatred, not to show everyone how popular the royal family is – as Prince Philip has clearly done.”

“We completely defend the right of the royal family to spout racial epithets at their leisure, and wish them all the best of luck in doing do, but we will not have them using our good name to draw attention to themselves and their own monarchistic priorities.”

“Some will say we were merely looking for an excuse to revoke the invitation, but that is not true.  Prince Philip was invited due to his status as one of the country’s leading pro-white advocates.”

“But we can not sit idly by and watch him promote his sickening Royalist agenda.”