Redknapp claims Gordon Brown can win next election

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has stunned the political world by admitting in an interview that he believes Gordon Brown could win the next general election.

Redknapp, who just moments before had informed reporters he believed Spurs could win the premier league this season, was adamant his predictions are completely reasonable and based on verifiable fact.

He told reporters, “Gordon was runner-up last time round so I don’t see why he can’t push on from here.”

“He’s needs a couple of good signings in his team, sure, but this is as close as he’s ever come to winning an election.  If you can’t be positive in a position like this, you never will be.”

“I’d imagine that fans of Gordon Brown feel quite optimistic right now.”

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Fans of Gordon Brown and Tottenham have both taken Redknapp’s prediction as a sign of big things to come.

Brown fan Terry Watkin told us, “If Harry Redknapp says he can win it, then I believe he can win it.  I might put some money on it actually.”

“I mean, technically he’s right, runner up was Gordon’s best ever election performance. So the only way is up, right?”

Whilst Spurs fan Tony Goldberg explained, “Harry speaks the truth whenever he opens his mouth, everyone knows that.”

“The only question now is what type of tattoo I’m going to get to celebrate our league victory.”

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