Griffin to spend afternoon swapping jokes with Prince Philip

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BNP leader Nick Griffin is set to spend this afternoon’s Buckingham Palace garden party swapping hilarious stories about brown people with Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip.

Griffin, invited due to his position as a Member of the European Parliament, is said to be particularly looking forward to hearing the one about the Indian and the electrical box.

A BNP spokesperson told reporters, “Meeting Prince Philip is an honour for anyone versed in the art of mocking people a bit different to yourself, and Mr Griffin feels no different.”

“Nick considers himself something of an expert when it comes to racist jokes, but if you can’t learn something from Prince Philip then you might as well stop being a racist.”

“He is taking a notebook in case there is something he can use during his keynote speech at this year’s BNP party conference.”

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There has been calls for Griffin to be banned from the event, however Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying that Prince Philip had a significant amount of new material he was hoping to try out on the BNP leader.

“He has a great new anecdote about a recent trip to a country he is insisting on calling Bongobongo land.”

“I hope I’m not ruining the punchline but it ends with him asking this one guy how many of his friends he’s eaten.”

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