World’s Strongest Man to include measures of emotional strength

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An updated format for television programme ‘World’s Strongest Man’ has been unveiled, revealing that the new show will include tests of a competitor’s emotional strength.

In a bid to compete with other emotionally-charged programmes such as Britain’s Got Morons and X Twatter, World’s Strongest Man will now include tests of a competitor’s emotional fortitude.

TV psychologist Linda Papadopoulos has been drafted in to help with contest, explaining, “What we found with WSM was that it was purely testosterone fuelled, which is completely at odds with society’s view of a modern male human, and more importantly, what we want to see him doing on television.

“We needed to test these men in highly-charged emotional settings in order to truly assess their strengths and weaknesses.”

Common events in the contest such as the ‘Atlaspheres’ and the ‘Truck Pull’ have been improved, in order to test competitors to their emotional limits.

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During the Atlaspheres, in which contestants lift boulders of ever increasing weight onto platforms, the strongmen will be read excerpts from the Diary of Anne Frank.

Papadopoulos said, “This has been designed to see how the strongmen deal with hidden feelings of anxiety and guilt, which may lie below the surface and manifest in strong emotional reactions.

“Those guys may find it impossible to lift an Atlasphere when it is covered in tears.”

During the truck pull, contestants will have derogatory comments made about their appearance, whilst episodes of Animal Hospital will be played on giant screens.

“These men will be straining physically from pulling the truck, whilst also dealing with any insecurities triggered by comments about their hair and the size of their bottoms, coupled with trying to control their emotions whilst looking at a 40ft high image of a little girl as her cat is put down. It’ll be dynamite stuff.”

Organisers have explained that any tied score will be settled with a ‘Cry Off’, in which competitors will be forced to watch Bette Midler film Beaches, with the last man to break down and cry declared the winner.

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