Millions flock to piece of shit Facebook fan page

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Millions of Britons last night joined a Facebook group to express their overwhelming respect and sorrow for a recently flushed piece of human excrement.

The shit, expelled from the anus of an unknown donor, was disposed of unceremoniously last Saturday evening, causing a tide of grief among morons, the like of which has not been seen since the death of the people’s princess.

The grieving process has been particularly had among those who had never known this piece of shit, and would never have crossed it’s path had it slipped quietly into a river or something.

Facebook fan Shane Williams said on the page’s wall, “This piece of shit never had a chance, so many wanted it gone without even seeing if it could be rehabilitated into something a bit less shit-like.”

“The authorities wanted it flushed all along, so why even pretend they wanted it caught?  And as for all you haters, if you didn’t like the piece of shit, why even join the group?

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Facebook has been inundated with complaints and requests to remove the page, with many claiming it to be a completely inappropriate use of the site.

However Facebook has been unwilling to censor pages on this basis, telling reporters, “As an open social platform we are committed to letting people express their opinions on line, no matter how mind-crunchingly, testicle-wrenchingly wrong they so obviously are.”

“We will remove pages which insight racial hatred, but removing a page which is simply honouring the life of a piece of shit is not something we would like to get involved in, thank you very much.”

“Now click here if you like this and be the first of your friends…oh sorry, force of habit.”

UPDATE: You can actually join this group HERE