10m without Internet access – what do you think?

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The Networked Nation Manifesto, published on Monday, highlighted the lack of net access “among the disadvantaged, unemployed and retired”, with 10 million people yet to discover the benefits of being online.

Organisations are now lobbying the government to ensure that Internet access is a benefit everyone can take advantage of.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out why you think the internet is such a good idea, and what you think millions of others are missing out on.

Woman on the Street“Before the internet came along, my husband was was just a lonely paedophile. Now he’s part of a huge network and he simply can’t imagine his life without it.”

Sheila Althrop, Pharmacist

Man on the Street“Thanks to the internet and the social networking sites it offers, I’ve found true love a total of seventeen times, and I haven’t finished yet.”

Tim Brooke, Bank Teller

Man on the Street“I get enough of old and unemployed people in real life without them stinking up the Internet as well, thank you very much.”

David Shale, Social Services

Woman on the Street“I’ve found the Internet to be a great place for free porn, gambling sites and for providing a multitude of different methods for giving money to all those nice African people that email me.”

Jane Morrow, destitute pensioner