Nazi judge used Nazi laws to stop me saying Nazi, claims Jon Gaunt

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Former Talksport radio host Jon Gaunt has claimed his trial judge acted like a ‘law Nazi’ when ruling against him in a case he brought against Ofcom after the regulator censured him for his use of the word Nazi in one of his radio shows.

Gaunt, who made the Nazi comment about a councillor who was a guest on his Talksport show in 2008, said the watchdog’s stance was an unlawful interference with his freedom to express his opinion that everyone around him was a Nazi, doing Nazi things, just like the Nazis.

Ofcom censured the presenter under its rules on offensive material, after receiving complaints from the public. However, in January of this year Gaunt won permission to take Ofcom to court for doing its job.

Gaunt told reporters outside the court, “This is a sad day for people like me who need to resort to the use of the word Nazi when debating contentious issues with those around them.”

“Without the right to use the word ‘Nazi’, how can a radio host be expected to effectively convey just how wrong they think a guest really is?”

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Mr Gaunt’s lawyers argued that Ofcom infringed Mr Gaunt’s right to free speech under article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, and claim the judicial review has been nothing more than a Nazi conspiracy.

“The judges will say they are only doing their job, of course, but that’s what the Nazi prison guards said as they steadfastly enforced the Nazi-laws imposed by the Nazis.”

“Our fight will not stop here, and we will look at every legal avenue available to us in our fight to stop the Nazis stopping us saying Nazi.”

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