Facebook users to ask Government for increased Farmville subsidies

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As the government announced a partnership with Facebook which will allow members of the public to suggest potential areas for public cost savings, ministers have braced themselves for an onslaught of Farmville subsidy demands.

The social networking site says it has 23 million members in the UK, and because the government seems to think it is a good idea, Facebook has agreed to ask them to submit and vote on ideas for where cuts and savings can be made.

However, early results suggest the site will instead be used to demand further Farmville subsidies by people so far removed from reality they appear to believe they are actually affected by the Common Agricultural Policy.

By 10:30am this morning, the site had received 411 suggestions, of which 284 related to Farmville funding requests, 67 asking the government to stop non-existent plans for Facebook to start charging users, and 14 to prevent someone called Shelly Washington tagging everyone’s photos all of the time.


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Defending the decision, a government spokesperson explained, “The British public is both knowledgeable and wise, and we would be foolish not to seek out their opinions and ideas in the tough times we have ahead.”

“But no, I’ve never used Facebook myself, why do you ask?”

Upon being shown what an active Facebook account actually looks like, the spokesperson began tearing at their own skin before assuming the foetal position and whimpering to themselves in the corner of the room.

It is expected that the government will realise the error of their ways some time on Monday afternoon after it is tagged in yet another photo of Rick Astley.

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