Royal family struggle by on £38.2m of your money

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The Royal Family have announced figures showing that they too are in the grip of financial difficulties, after they bravely struggled by on just £38.2m of your money last year.

The drop in spending means the Royal family funding is now just the equivalent of 62p for every person in the country, a saving of 7p for every tax payer.

Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse, said: “The Royal Household is acutely aware of the difficult economic climate and has taken many cost saving steps over the last 12 months.”

“The Corgi’s now eat actual dog food, rather than having their own chef, and Prince Philip has been forced to deliver many of his racial slurs by video conference, rather than in person.”

“Only last week Prince Edward demanded the box-set of television sensation Glee, but we insisted it wasn’t necessary.  He had a bit of a hissy fit, but he’s fine about it now.”

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The reduction in spending has been welcomed by many, with mother of three Jane Thurrock of Swindon particularly impressed.

“I’m glad we’re all in this together – yes, I’m struggling to put food on the table, but my empty stomach feels much better knowing that the Queen is trying not to use her helicopter – the one that I’m pay for – quite as much.”

“I’m not one of these who wants to cut her funding completely, I mean, she’s barely worth half a billion herself, so how could she possibly survive without that £38.2m from the tax payer?”

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