Bruce Willis releases a fragrance – what do you think?

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Movie star Bruce Willis has released his own official fragrance, which is said to contain the essence of what it takes to be a real man in the modern world, along with several exotic-sounding ingredients we’ve never heard of.

According to the manufacturers, the Bruce Willis scent captures his “strength, self-assurance and single-mindedness”.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about the latest celebrity to release an official fragrance.

Woman on the Street“My husband already reeks of sweaty vests and bloody feet, so I’m not sure I see the point of this?” 

Jane Williams, Baker

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Man on the Street“I’ve always wondered, if you could bottle the desperation felt by a man who’s ex-wife got much hotter before marrying a much better-looking man 20 years her junior, what would it smell like.  I guess now we’ll know.”

Sean Matthews, Marriage Counsellor

Man on the Street“It’s no surprise to me, every time I see him on tv he looks like he smells amazing.  And still dancing and presenting on prime-time television at his age.  It’s incredible.” Oh, Bruce WILLIS?  Yeah, I wouldn’t wear that.’

Peter Noble, Dancer

Woman on the Street“I’ve already ordered a couple of bottles for my husband.  I mean, is there anything on this planet that smells better than a middle-aged bald man?”

Delores Walton, Bus Driver

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