Venus Williams in shock defeat to a woman

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Former Wimbledon champion Venus Williams has suffered a shock quarter-final defeat at this years event, at the hands of Tsvetana Pironkova, a confirmed woman.

The result is a surprise to many fans of the sport who have always argued that women can not compete on a level playing field with male tennis players.

Sue Barker told viewers, “Pironkova has proven what many women have been saying for years, that given the right circumstances we can beat any man at tennis.  Even one of the top men like Venus.”

“Yes, Pironkova might not have the muscular physique of the Williams brothers, but she has shown that guile and grace on the court can produce an unlikely victory against her male rivals.”


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Men’s tennis has long considered itself superior to the women’s game, a situation reflected in the award of prize money at most events, and many commentators feel this will not change after just one freak result.

BBC commentator and former men’s champion John McEnroe explained, “As far as men’s tennis goes, you have to remember that Venus Williams is no longer at the top of the game.”

“Sure, she’d still beat Tim Henman, but to claim that this shows any female tennis player can beat any man is foolish in the extreme.”

“I’m sure that this is just a blip, and come the next tournament Venus Williams will be back to defeating women for fun, just like he always has.”

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