God to choose his favourite ass-kissing footballers

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Reports are surfacing this morning that God is set to put an end to ongoing speculation by making a decision as to which set of ass-kissing footballers he will grant the ability to win the World Cup.

Teams throughout the tournament are filled by self-crossing, heavenward-gazing footballers, leading many commentators to claim that God is facing an almost impossible decision.

John Motson explained, “He’s made it very difficult for himself – if he chooses the team that kisses his ass the most, then he’s encouraging more ass-kissing next time, which will mean less football and more kissing of jewellery with overly elaborate demonstrations of blind faith.”

“But if he chooses a team that hardly kisses his ass at all, then footballers everywhere will surely be left asking themselves, ‘what’s the bloody point’.”

“It’s a tough one alright, but this is why he gets paid the big money – to make difficult decisions like this.”

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There will be an early chance to see God’s will in action this afternoon as two of the biggest ass-kissing teams, Portugal and Brazil, play each other in their final group game.

Motson continued, “Both sides have so many of crucifix-kissing, heavenward-pleading, rapidly self-crossing players that they often look like a well-choreographed street dance troupe, but obviously he has must choose one.  Unless he chickens out and makes it a draw, of course.”

God’s spokesperson David Icke told reporters, “Sure, God likes a little nod in his direction every now and again, especially from footballers.  He was a goalkeeper like me you know.”

“But no-one likes a kiss-ass – well, actually that’s not strictly true, God loves a kiss-ass, he basically demands it from everyone who follows him – but these footballers are starting to take the piss now.”

“Isn’t that right Dad?  He said ‘yes’.”

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