Blackpool to launch relegation campaign against Wigan

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Temporary Premier League residents Blackpool will begin their 2010-11 relegation campaign with a routine drubbing at the hands of Wigan FC.

The draw for the opening day was published this morning, and gives plucky Blackpool an early opportunity to show their fellow strugglers that they really mean business.

Manager Ian Holloway told reporters, “It’s a lovely opening day fixture for us, truth be told.”

“It means we can set the tone for our season right from the off – losing to someone like Manchester United says very little about your chances, it’s almost to be expected.”

“But being on the receiving end of a proper spanking from someone like the Latics will let everyone know exactly why we’re here.”

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Fans spokesperson Derek James said it was a day they’ve been looking forward to ever since the play-off final, “This is where the dream becomes reality, with the dream being repeated humiliating defeats to the hands of thoroughly mediocre premier league opposition.”


Other opening days fixtures will see bare-chested overweight Geordies crying on the terraces of Old Trafford, whilst Wet Bromwich Albion will show Blackpool that they’re unlikely to have guaranteed relegation all their own way by having their asses handed to them on a plate at Stamford Bridge.

Mr James concluded, “The road to the Championship starts here, and I for one can not wait!”

“We Blackpool intend to make sure that we leave our mark on the Premier League, and as such rehearsals have already begun for our two thousand strong vuvuzela orchestra.”

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