World Cup drone annoys millions

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Millions of football fans have complained about the annoying drone heard during ITV’s World Cup coverage, with many suggesting it was probably a mistake to lure Adrian Chiles from the BBC in the first place.

The droning sound, which appears during breaks from the match action and between adverts, is said to emanate directly from the mouth of presenter Chiles, and sounds very much like someone repeating the phrase, “Yam yam yam yam”.

As one ITV executive explained, “We’ve taken on board the comments and complaints about the horrendous droning sound, but unfortunately he’s only two months into a four year contract, so we simply can’t afford to turn him down to a less nauseating level.”

“You have to accept that this noise is part and parcel of the ITV football experience in South Africa, and just try to do your best to live with it.”

“Anyway, it might be annoying, but at least we didn’t cut to an advert during England’s first goal so that all of our HD viewers missed it.  Oh, what?  We did do that?  Right.  Sorry.”

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The Internet has been rife with work-around suggestions from those seeking drown out the infuriating noises coming from Chiles.

One technology forum suggested, “I’ve found that if you have another television showing the game, but slightly delayed, you can turn it up when Chiles is on screen and the sound of thousands of vuvuzelas almost blocks him out entirely.”

“You’ve still got to look at him, obviously, but if you imagine the vuvuzelas are actually a thousand angry bees heading in his direction, then the sound actually becomes quite calming.”