Sir Patrick Stewart to be offered role in Two Pints of Lager

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Producers of BBC sitcom Two Pints of Lager have said they will meet any demands necessary in order to secure the comedic services of classical actor Sir Patrick Stewart for a new series of the hit show.

Stewart displayed his previously unseen razor sharp wit by pointing out the portly nature of host James Corden at the Glamour Awards on Tuesday.

The incident is already an internet hit, with BBC producers explaining that the comic sensibilities of Stewart left them breathless for much of his time on stage.

Two Pints creator Susan Nickson told us, “I could barely breathe through the laughter.  When he said he could see James’ belly from all the way over there he showed just the type of rapier wit and comic timing we need in the next series.”

“You know, because he was implying that James Corden is a bit fat, but he was doing it really cleverly without actually saying, ‘you’re a bit fat’ – after eight series we know something like that takes a special talent.”

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Corden, though originally caught out by the genuinely hilarious piece of observational comedy, has said he now sees the incident it for what it was, a chance to work with a comedy master at the very top of his game.

His agent explained, “James has been humbled by this experience.  Yes, he might have a growing career of his own in the comedy world, but to be schooled so comprehensively by a genius like Patrick Stewart was a lesson so few ever get the chance to experience.”

“His previous comedic repertoire of showing his belly three or four times in every show in which he appears, now seems so basic.  He will be working on new material influenced by Stewart, in the hope that he too can get a role in Two Pints of Lager.”

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