Lembit Opik makes comedy debut with ‘hilarious’ list of political achievements

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Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik has made his stand-up comedy debut, sending raucous laughter throughout the venue by chronologically listing each of his political achievements.

After losing his seat at the general election, Opik has been trying out new careers, though it seems his place on the stand-up circuit is all but guaranteed with such original material.

One audience member said of the debut, “It was amazing, he opened by explaining he used to be the MP for Montgomeryshire, and then spent a few minutes trying to convince everyone it was a real place.  I was absolutely crying.”

“Then he moved on to talk about his position as joint chair of the pro fox hunting Middle Way Group, which was so absurd the entire audience was in fits of laughter.”


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The reviews of his performance have been universally positive, with one comedy review website calling his debut performance ‘sublime’.

It read, “Opik was hilarious, genuinely laugh out loud funny.  He produced this long list and proceeded to tell us about all of his achievements during in his ten years as an MP.  Comedy genius.”

“It wasn’t a particularly long list, considering it was ten years in the making, but what little content there was, left the audience rolling in the aisles.”

“My only criticism is he should stick to the genuinely funny stuff about his achievements, and not spend any time on the clearly made-up relationship with a mildly irritating Eastern European pop star.”

Opik is expecting to add to his set by explaining how being the Lib Dem spokesperson on housing during the last parliament meant that people actually listened to him from time to time.