Kenny Dalglish begins search for Liverpool manager called Kenny Dalglish

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Following the departure of former manager Rafa Benitez, Liverpool Ambassador Kenny Dalglish has been tasked with identifying a new manager called Kenny Dalglish to revive the team’s fortunes.

Experts have said that Kenny is perfectly positioned to identify himself as the natural successor to Benitez, with his years of experience of being Kenny Dalglish and his uncanny ability to say the words, “I’m Kenny Dalglish.”

A Liverpool insider explained, “What Kenny is looking for is someone with the experience of a Kenny Dalglish, who could instantly command the respect of the players like a Kenny Dalglish, but with the added benefit of being immediately available like Kenny Dalglish.”

“It’s a tough task, but if anyone can do it, then Kenny Dalglish can.”


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The search for a new manager is likely to see Dalglish travel far and wide in the hope of securing the right Kenny Dalglish for the job.

Our Liverpool insider concluded, “The shortlist appears to consist of a man Kenny caught sight of in his bathroom mirror this morning, and someone who he saw on video leading Liverpool to their last league victory.”

“I’m sure the fans would be happy with either of those, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which lucky Kenny Dalglish gets the job.”