Stop getting trapped under innocent lorries, drivers told

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Car drivers everywhere have been told to stop getting caught underneath perfectly innocent lorries, driven by entirely blameless drivers, after a lorry driver was told he could keep his licences despite being filmed pushing a small car for several miles down the motorway.

The footage showed a ridiculously careless Renault Clio driver being pushed at high speed along the A1(M) by a completely innocent lorry, near Wetherby, Yorkshire, in January.

The lorry driver, John Tomlinson from Lancashire, appeared before North West Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell who told him he could retain his LGV driving licence because, “The Clio driver was clearly at fault for having the temerity to put their car on the same path as a 20 ton haulage vehicle.”

“I mean seriously, how could we possibly put you at fault in that situation.  When you’re sat up there in your lofted cab position, how can you be expected to notice every car, bike or pedestrian that gets in the way – it’s just not reasonable to burden you with the responsibility of such precautions.”

“I am satisfied that you could not hear the screams of terror, or see the frantic waving of arms of the passengers in that car.”

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Mrs Bell concluded by saying, “It is incumbent on absolutely everything smaller than you to get out of your way, or suffer the consequences.  Which seem to mainly entail being pushed about 30 miles off your intended course.”

Driving organisations are already drafting new guidance to their members, in order to reflect the judgement made by Mrs Bell.

A spokesman for the AA told us, “We will be telling our members to get out of the way of bigger vehicles, whether that means zipping across multiple lanes, or mounting the pavement.”

“They shouldn’t worry about hitting a pedestrian, because according to the new rules a pedestrian is smaller than a car, so it’s actually up to them to get out of your way.”

“It’s going to make commuting a lot more fun, that’s for sure.”

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