Phil Spector releases album of prison-themed ballads

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Pioneering music producer and convicted killer Phil Spector has released his first album in 30 years, a compilation of tracks inspired by experiences from his time in prison in California.

The album has been described as ‘experimental’ by publicists, with Spector himself keen to emphasise that each track has its own unique message moulded from his personal experiences of incarceration.

His statement read, “Prison is just like any other normal society, the only difference is that everyone you meet or come into contact with here could kill you at any moment.  We have the same hopes, dreams and loves, and I have tried to capture that in my music.”

“I have called the opening track, ‘Pool balls in a sock’, and I like to think of it as an anti-establishment metaphor, with the inmates head being the voting public, and the sock full of pool balls being the Washington establishment. It’s quite subtle.”


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Critics have hailed the album as a success, with NME reviewer Shane Meadows calling it a “triumph of talent over adversity”.

He continued, “Never in all my years have I heard a more heart-warming tale of prison love than Spector’s track entitled, ‘Suck it or I’ll cut you’.”

“Or the equally emotive, ‘It’s only rape if you report me’ which plays on the deep emotional turmoil brought on by unrequited love in a prison setting.”

“It’s not all about relationships however, for example the track ‘Me and my shiv’ is about loneliness, a loneliness punctuated only by brief interactions with people who want to bum you.”

A former colleague of Spector’s was not surprised by the quality of the new album, or the rave reviews it is already receiving.

They told us, “This is a man who has struggled to articulate his emotions without the use of music or a deadly weapon, so we shouldn’t be surprised it’s so good.  Just that nobody else is dead yet.”

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