Birmingham City fined two days of Liam Ridgwell

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Birmingham City have been fined two days of Liam Ridgewell by the Football Association for failing to control their players after 1-0 derby day defeat by Aston Villa last month.

The fine is to be served by Ridgewell at a mutually agreed time, with many expecting him to complete two days of odd jobs at Lancaster Gate over the summer months.

An FA spokesperson explained, “We take such incidents extremely seriously, and such, only a fine of two days of Liam Ridgewell was seen as an adequate deterrent to misbehaving football teams.”

“The media would have you believe that the only suitable punishment for such behaviour is a week of Craig Gardner – but this is not communist China, we have a heart.”

“We know that other teams will be watching this verdict and will now think twice about misbehaving, or they risk losing the equivalent of an average defender for a couple of days.”

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The fine came after petulant outbursts from several Birmingham players upset that the referee appeared to know the laws of the game regarding the award of a penalty.

As one former ref explained, “They seem to be under the impression that touching the ball gives you the right to physically assault a player – it does not.”

“Yes, Stephen Carr has made a career out of simultaneously putting opponents in a sleeper hold whilst kick the ball away, but it’s not actually allowed, and it was definitely a penalty.”

Birmingham are considering an appeal, but are acutely aware that the fine might be raised to three days plus a half-day ever other weekend for a month, should they lose.