People given right to veto council tax rises ‘likely to veto council tax rises’

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As David Cameron outlined plans for his ‘big society’, many constituents who could be given the right to veto council tax rises have said they would most likely want to veto any council tax rises.

The option to veto council tax rises will go alongside elected police chiefs and the ability to run your own school, which are also schemes that could not possibly go wrong in any way whatsoever.

One resident looking forward to the ‘big society’ told us, “Given the choice between paying a lot of council tax, or paying not very much council tax, I have to say that I would err on the side of paying not very much council tax.”

“I might be in the minority here I suppose, but that’s just the way it is.”

“I’d like to see this same veto principle applied to other forms of taxation, many of which seem intent on taking money away from me – which I have a strong underlying philosophical objection to.”

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Some have suggested that voting to increase council tax might be a sign of greater underlying problems for constituents.

As one voter explained, “It’s a simple equation, we would look at the votes, and anyone perfectly willing to pay higher council tax is taken for psychiatric assessment – whether they want it or not.  We simply can’t have mentals going around voting on things.”

Others have questioned the objectives of the new plans, with one voter querying, “The big society gives me the right to elect senior public officials, and sack MPs – but the first thing the coalition did was change the law so they will definitely get the full five years and make it impossible to get rid of them?  Right.”

“But I do like the council tax veto is an excellent idea.  I think by the end of their five-year term, the council will be giving me money to live here.  Which sounds pretty good to me.”

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