BA Union to call a strike over strike ban ruling

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The Unite union is planning to call a strike in response Monday’s court ruling which declared the planned British Airways cabin crew strikes illegal.

Union insiders claim they will strike until the courts agree that they are well within their rights to strike about something else altogether.

The union’s joint general secretary Tony Woodley said, “We have been left with no option but to strike over the court’s insistence that our other planned strike is illegal.”

“If they tell us that this new strike is also illegal, then we will be left with no option but to strike until that strike is declared legal. At which point we will return to our original strike plans.”


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The injunction came after Mr Justice McCombe found that the union did not follow all the necessary legal steps in order to call the original industrial action.

However, this claim was refuted by Unite’s Woodley who insisted that everyone knows all you have to do to call a strike is, “throw down your tools and shout ‘STRIKE!’ – it’s a lot like calling ‘shotgun’ on a car journey in that respect.”

“This latest ruling is just another way in which Willie Walsh is trying to screw the cabin crews of British Airways.”

Travellers have been left uncertain how this latest series of strike action will affect their holiday plans.

Holidaymaker Shane Meadows told us, “So if this strike is delayed – no the other strike, the original one – we will likely find it affects our family holiday in the summer?”

“Look, nobody likes having their holidays affected, but let’s be clear, Willie Walsh is a bit of a shit, isn’t he?”

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