Iceland’s volcanic ‘Act of God’ into tedious third act

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Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull today entered its tedious third act with many viewers hoping for an exciting climax to what has so far proven to be an entirely underwhelming Act of God.

The ongoing eruption described by many fans of God’s previous work as a ‘terrifying Act of God’, has again disturbed flights across Europe, leading to accusations it is merely repeating the plot of the first and second act and failing to introduce and new elements to the ongoing narrative.

Act of God critic Eamon James told us, “I think most people had their interest piqued by the new and innovative ‘enormous volcano’ paradigm, and the grounded flights in the second act certainly maintained the momentum of the story, but this third act is just plain lazy.”

“Allowing airports to reopen, just to close them again a couple of weeks later shows a distinct lack of plot development, and really detracts from what was a truly promising start.”

“I know there are many people, me included, who were hoping for a return to the halcyon days where Acts of God included swarms of locusts or global floods – but this ash stuff is really getting a bit tedious now.”

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“If it wasn’t my job to review this predictable fodder I’d have focussed my attention elsewhere by now.”


Many fans of previous Acts of God have said that a lull before a climactic finale is not unusual, and that we should wait until it’s finished before criticising God’s latest production too heavily.

God fan Lillian Sharpe, 59, told us, “With the way television drama has been evolving in recent years, Acts of God can’t simply turn up and do their thing and then disappear again.  They need cliff hangers, they need twists.  I guess it’s the Hollywood influence.”

“I have no doubt that the grounding of flights again is just lulling us into a false sense of security before the end of season finale – which I am confident will make Lost look like an episode of Midsomer Murders.  Which I love by the way.”

“But to be honest, I’m already looking forward to next season and seeing how God is going to top this.  I’m thinking it’ll be a plague or a giant meteor, but definitely something with a bit more ‘pizazz’.”