Uproar as pot-smoking Robbie Williams continues to make turgid music

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Regular users of marijuana have rounded on cabaret act Robbie Williams after claims that he smoked pot whilst making much of his back catalogue of Karaoke tunes.

Williams, famous for hits such as ‘Angels’ and the ironically titled, ‘Let Me Entertain You’ recently made the claim in an interview with the Radio Time in attempt to appear ‘cool’.

However the move has backfired, with many regular pot smokers insistent that this back-catalogue was not of a sufficiently high standard to meet his claims of drug-influence.

“No way. Never in a million years. If I thought my smoking would put me in danger of creating something as terminally awful as the Escapology album, I would give it up today – but I just don’t believe him. Not a chance.”


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Many music fans and dope-lovers last night encouraged Williams to maybe try some of the harder stuff after his admission of smoking marijuana, in the hope of improving his creative process.

“Drugs are responsible for some of the greatest albums of all time.  To add ‘Sing When You’re Winning’ to that list is an insult to all those that have gone before him.”

“Maybe if he tried something a bit harder he could redeem himself?  Has he tried injecting a few ounces of meth-amphetamine directly into his eyeball?  I’m pretty sure that will get him a number one single.”

Williams’ claim is bad news for those who argue weed aids the creative process, with one advocate insisting, “Yes, but if his claims are true can you imagine how bad his last album would have been if he’d not been smoking dope?”

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