British Airways price fixing trial collapses – what do you think?

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The trial of three ex-British Airways executives and one current employee on price-fixing charges – related to a 1200% rise fuel surcharges – has collapsed.

Prosecuting QC Richard Latham told the judge at Southwark Crown Court in London that he would offer “no evidence” after the judge had raised questions about the prosecution’s case on Friday.

We sent our reporters onto the streets to find out what you thought about British Airways not being prosecuted for price fixing.

Woman on the Street“Of course the trial collapsed.  Having two huge multi-national organisations conspire to fix prices to the detriment of the travelling public – but with only one of those organisations openly admitting their guilt – is very much a legal grey area.”

Deirdre Matthews, Corporate Lawyer

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Man on the Street“Both BA and Virgin putting up fuel surcharges by 1200% is only fair.  I mean, you can’t expect them to pick up the tab for the 1200% rise in fuel prices that obviously must have taken place at the same time, right?”

Dave Black, Oil Trader

Man on the Street“I hope BA have learned their lesson.  If you’re going to take your passengers to the cleaners, at least make an effort to create an imaginatively titled surcharge.  I mean come on, ‘fuel surcharge’?  They could learn a lot from Ryanair in that respect.”

Mike Jones, Marketing Executive

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