Britain left with nagging feeling it was meant to do something important today

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Britain is today in the grip of a mild panic after millions of people were left with a nagging doubt over something important they might have forgotten to do.

Despite going about their day, one seemingly much like any other, many people have been stopping for a moment of brief apparent recollection, before continuing with their tedious existence.

Office worker Judith Fowler, 48 told us, “It’s been worrying me all morning.  I know there was something I was meant to do.  I phoned my husband and he definitely put the bins out, so that’s not it.”

“I get the impression it was important.  I haven’t had a feeling like this since I forgot to record the Coronation Street omnibus because of my daughter’s wedding.”

“Oh well, if it’s that important I’m sure it will come back to me.”

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Many people are finding it difficult to remember what it was they were meant to do due to the incessant pestering of people with clipboards asking seemingly bizarre questions about something or other.

Local businessman Navid Patel told us, “I was walking to work trying to remember what it was I was supposed to do, when three of them accosted me outside the church hall, wanting to ask me some questions – I told them, I’m not into God and I’m far too busy.  Christians are so pushy you know.”

“Of course, I completely lost my train of thought, and now haven’t got the foggiest idea about what I was planning to do. I sent my daughter home to check I’d turned the gas off, but that wasn’t it.”

Builder Simon Jones said, “I’m sure I’ve forgotten to send an invoice out.  That must be it.  I was trying to remember but got distracted by this really bad picture of Barack Obama on the front of today’s Sun.  Honestly, it looked nothing like him.”