A lack of sleep can kill you, what do you think?

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Getting less than six hours sleep a night can lead to an early grave, UK and Italian researchers have warned.

Their report stated that those who regularly had less than six hours sleep were 12% more likely to die over a 25-year period than those who got an “ideal” six to eight hours.

So we sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out about your sleeping habits, and to see what you thought about a lack of sleep killing you.

Woman on the Street“Hmmm.  That’s interesting.  Can you put that in writing? I’m at a party later that’s likely to go on till the early hours and I really need a good excuse to be late to work tomorrow. And to be honest, ‘death avoidance’ is the best one I’ve ever heard.”

Brian Davidson, Election coordinator

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Woman on the Street“Six hours? What a load of rubbish!  I rarely get more than two or three hours a night, and look at me, I’m the healthiest 33 year-old you’re ever likely to meet.”

Jane Simmonds, Fitness Instructor

Man on the Street“Man, if I don’t get my eight hours I’m absolutely useless the next day.  I’ve made that very clear to my boss, but he continues to insist that if the alarm goes during the night I have to get up and attend to the fire with the rest of my crew.”

Mark Thompson, Trainee Fireman

Man on the Street“There’s no excuse, even for really busy people, not to get enough sleep – it’s all about conditioning yourself to be productive even when you’re not awake. Look at me – it might not look like it, but I’m asleep right now.”

David Brianson, Mentor

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