Either the blue or green Glasgow team wins Scottish Premier League

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A team from Glasgow wearing a blue, or green and white strip has won this year’s Scottish Premier League title, taking their total of league wins to more than pretty much much everyone else.

The latest title win means that either the blue or green team now has slightly more, or slightly fewer, titles to its name than the other one.

Terry McDermot, a leading Scottish football correspondent explained, “It’s been nail-biting stuff.  Ever since the season kicked off we’ve been waiting to see whether it would be the blue or the green ones that managed to win the league.”

“And I have to say that this latest title is reward for another season in which the blue ones and the green ones were better than everyone else, with either the blue or green ones being marginally better than the other.”

“What we know for certain, is that today one of them is celebrating.  Either the blue or green half of Glasgow has a smile on its face, whilst the other half is grimacing.”

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“Though here in Glasgow it’s admittedly quite difficult to tell which is which.”


One football fan from the Midlands explained, “This is a great result for either the green ones or the blue ones, I’m quite sure of it.”

“As a neutral, it’s been intriguing to watch the battle between the blues and greens develop over the course of the season.”

“One of them would win against a small team, then the other one would win against a small team, then they’d both do the same again the following week, and the week after that. It’s been truly riveting stuff.”

“But let me tell you, when they play each other – and they can’t both win – that’s a proper shock to the system, I can tell you.”

“I’m genuinely surprised that their league is in such financial difficulty, as this has been the most exciting title chase since the last title chase between the blue and green ones.”

Experts are already predicting next season will be the best yet, with either the blue or green team looking to exact revenge for this season’s title failure.