Channel with no adverts manages to ruin show, with an advert

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The BBC, famous for not carrying adverts due to the unique way in which in it is funded, has managed ruin a Doctor Who episode by using the type of advert they are famous for not using.

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who was interrupted during it’s climactic scene by an animated Graham Norton explaining to to all the children watching that a show aimed at adults would be on next.

A BBC spokesperson told us, “We’re sorry if it ruined the ending for anyone, but it’s Graham Norton, how can you be annoyed by Graham Norton?  Unless he’s actually talking at you, of course.”

“Our research showed that people like the fact that we don’t have commercial organisations advertising their products on our channels, so it has come as quite a surprise that it’s the actual adverts people are opposed to, not the company being promoted.”

“Technically we didn’t make any money from that Graham Norton advert, which we felt confident people would take into account when deciding how badly it had shattered the illusion that Doctor Who was real.”

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“Our email box suggests we were wrong.”


Fans of Doctor Who have said they might has well put the show on ITV if they’re going to start ruining it with adverts every week, because at least the chances of seeing Graham Norton would be significantly lower.

Doctor Who fan Mark Travers, 37, told us, “There I was, feeling like I was actually trapped with the Doctor, when that little gay Irish man appeared.  Which is actually impossible when I think about it, because the Daily Mail told me that all the gays will have died out in the future.”

“Honestly, it’s now a toss up as to which I find more annoying, an animated caricature of Graham Norton, or that bloke telling me that they buy any car, over and over again.”

“Actually no, it’s Norton.  By quite some way.”

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