YouGov poll shows Friday to be followed by Sunday

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A YouGov poll commissioned by News International has shown that the public believes that Sunday is to follow Friday this weekend, with Saturday most likely to appear in the middle of next week.

The poll, which was taken in the final hours of Thursday evening sought the impressions of one thousand people who had been looking at a calendar given to them by Rupert Murdoch himself.

According to the figures, 36% of people polled felt that Sunday is most likely to follow Friday this week, with Saturday – last week’s clear winner – some way back on 31%.

It appears that those polled felt that the Thursday option is looking increasingly unlikely, with only 27% feeling a repeat of the same day, yet again, to be the most likely outcome.


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A spokesperson for Sunday explained that this was a clear vindication of the policies they have presented, and show how Sunday had proved it was a day that was capable of leading the rest of the week.

“The polls do not lie, and what they are telling us is that the people genuinely believe Sunday should follow Friday.”

“What we need is real change, and having Sunday follow Friday is the sort of change this country needs now, more than ever.”

“The people are finally seeing Sunday for what it truly is, a day that ready to follow Friday, and clearly better qualified for the role than either Thursday or Saturday.”

However, a spokesperson for the Saturday campaign claimed that the YouGov poll might be a little misleading.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to says that Saturday should follow Sunday, the same as they said last week, so suggestions that this one poll reflects public opinion are extremely wide of the mark.”

“Why don’t we wait for a poll that wasn’t commissioned by Rupert Murdoch, took the opinions of his friends, was reported on his television channel, and was then spun in his newspapers?  What do you reckon?”