Popinions – N’Zogbia asks a friend to take his driving test

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Wigan Athletic footballer Charles N’Zogbia has been arrested over allegations that someone else completed the written part of his driving test.

He was held on suspicion of causing fraud by false representation as he turned up at Sale Driving Test Centre in Greater Manchester on Wednesday.

Footballers acting dishonestly?  Is this the first sign of the impending global apocalypse?  Or is it what you would do?  We sent our reporters on to the streets to find out what you thought about footballers cheating on their driving tests.

Woman on the Street“It’s no big deal to be honest. People like you or I simply can’t understand the pressure of owning six sports cars and not being able to drive any of them.”

Sally Field, Driving Instructor

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Man on the Street“I’m furious. I failed my test three times, but all of MY friends are shit drivers.”

Jim Davidson, Road Safety Officer

Man on the Street“I’m pretty sure footballers have been getting poorly qualified friends to stand in for them on the pitch for years.  In fact, I’m now intrigued to know which footballer Emile Heskey is friends with.”

Pavel Krynxck, Problem Solver

Man on the Street“Footballers have to take driving tests? Now you’re just discriminating against them because they’re quite good at kicking a ball around.

Wait, What?  We ALL have to take driving tests?”

Adam Stilgo, Lorry Driver

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