Daily Mail ‘enjoyed by Nazis’

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The Daily Mail is this morning coming under increasing pressure after revelations that it has been read, and enjoyed by Nazis going back to the second World War.

Nazi organisations have spoken of their fondness for the Mails ‘delusions of adequacy’ as a newspaper and its strict adherence to their own central philosophies.

War time historian Wilfred Downs told us, “The Daily Mail had a magnificent reputation among the Nazi forces.”

“Copies would be passed around among the troops and officers would use it as propaganda to show the nature of the true British psyche.”

“After reading it, the enlisted men would feel like they were doing the world a favour by destroying Britain, and somehow find new levels of resolve.”

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“In truth, if it hadn’t been for the Daily Mail, the war would have ended a great deal sooner.”


Many modern Nazi organisations are also staunch supporters of the newspaper.

An unnamed source told us, “Every time we think about putting together a promotional poster, the Daily Mail does the job better than we ever could.”

“We’ve taken to just giving out headlines from the Mail, and after reading them most people tend to go quite pale and are then quite keen to talk to us.”

It’s not just modern Nazis who enjoy the editorial stylings of the Daily Mail, with senior Al Qaeda members claim a strong affinity to the newspaper.

“Oh we love the Daily Mail.  To be honest, reading their rational take on the world almost makes us think that the godless infidels might be worth saving.”

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